Family of the King

Dynamics of Metaphor in the Gospel According to John


Nearly all metaphors in the Gospel according to John relate to ancient family imagery. Thus, the disciples are born of the Father; the Father provides them with bread and drink (water); He educates them and protects them and a dwelling is prepared for them, and so on. This family imagery, which is interwoven throughout the Gospel in a complex network, provides a key to the understanding of the message of the Fourth Gospel.
In this volume, after exploring numerous state-of-the-art theories on metaphor, a customised metaphor theory is developed from the Fourth Gospel itself, which can be applied to the analysis of the Gospel as a whole. The theory is based on two of the best-known metaphors in the Fourth Gospel: I am the Good Shepherd, and I am the True Vine. Subsequently, all other metaphors are analysed according to this theory.

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Jan G. van der Watt, D.D. (1986), D.Litt. (1999), is Head of the Department of New Testament, at the University of Pretoria. Currently, he is co-chairperson of the Johannine Seminar of the SNTS. He has published extensively in the field of New Testament studies, authoring 18 books, including a translation of the New Testament into Afrikaans.
All those interested in the theory of literature; the theory of metaphor; New Testament studies in general; studies in the Gospel of John, including Johannine theology; family life in the ancient Mediterranean milieu and the exegesis of New Testament texts.
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