Against Inequality

Contributions to a Discourse of Social Emancipation


In Against Inequality, the authors offer a theoretical and political proposal for social emancipation, seen as an opportunity to build conditions of equality in contexts of freedom, not only for ethical but essentially political foundations. To achieve this, the authors confront inequality in two ways: as a social phenomenon (and, therefore, historically situated and structured) and through critical reflection on the concepts, categories, indicators and frameworks of its understanding. In this sense, they propose a critical reflection of the ways in which it has been thought theoretically and politically at various times, with special reference to the way in which it has been conceived in modern, capitalist society.

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Alejandro I. Canales, Ph.D. (1995), El Colegio de México, is Professor at University of Guadalajara and Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. His recent books include Migration, Reproduction, and Society (Brill:2019) and El malestar con las migraciones (Anthropos:2021).

Dídimo Castillo Fernández, Ph.D. (2008), El Colegio de México, is Professor at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México and Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. His recent books include Precariedad y desaliento laboral de los jóvenes en México (Siglo XXI:2019), and Capitalismo Digital después de la Pandemia (Siglo XXI:2024).
To all those interested in the critique of Social Inequality, understood as conditions of oppression and social injustice, this book offers a theoretical critique along with a political proposal for social emancipation projects.

A todos los interesados en la crítica de la Desigualdad Social, entendida como condiciones de opresión e injusticia social, este libro ofrece una crítica teórica junto a una propuesta política para proyectos de emancipación social.
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