Old Testament, Jewish and Christian Perspectives


编者: James Scott
The restoration of Israel is one of those subjects which, although crucial to our understanding of early Judaism, has not received the focused attention it needs and deserves. These seminal essays, written by an international group of eminent scholars, introduce the reader to the subject of restoration in a roughly chronological approach, beginning with the formative period (the Old Testament), followed by the Greco-Roman period, formative Judaism, and early Christianity. These essays endeavor not merely to survey what is currently known about the subject from various vantage points, but rather to extend what is knowable in each case. This volume will stimulate much interest in the subject of restoration and will shape the future course of the scholarly discussion.

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James M. Scott, Dr. theol. (1989) in New Testament, University of Tübingen, is Professor of Religious Studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. His publications include Exile: Old Testament, Jewish, and Christian Conceptions (Leiden, 1997).
Introduction Formative Period 1. Overview (Shemayahu Talmon) 2. Deuteronomic Tradition (J. Gordon McConville). 3. Prophetic Tradition (Odil Hannes Steck). 4. Ezra-Nehemiah (Lester L. Grabbe). 5. Chronicles (Sara Japhet). [PENDING!] 6. Psalms (Hartmut Gese) [PENDING!] Greco-Roman Period 7. Restoration in Apocalyptic Literature (David Aune). 8. Messianic Expectations (Johannes Tromp). 9. Restoration in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Lawrence H. Schiffman). 10. Restoration in Josephus (Louis Feldman). 11. Early Jewish Liturgical Prayer (Daniel Falk). Formative Judaism 12. Restoration in the Mishnah (Chaim Milikowsky). 13. Restoration in Early Rabbinic Midrash (Gary G. Porton). 14. Restoration in the Targumim (Bruce Chilton). Early Christianity 15. Jesus (John P. Meier). 16. Luke-Acts (Richard Bauckham). 17. Paul (James M. Scott). 18. Ps-Clementine Recognitions 1.27-71 (F. Stanley Jones).
Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins, Biblical studies, Christianity.