Online platforms - new actors of the food chain

Qualification challenges and food information responsibilities


Food e-commerce is a fast-developing market. Regrettably, the number of products exchanged on the web that may be harmful to consumers is also steadily rising. This development poses challenges for controlling authorities and legislators in their mission to protect EU consumers' health and economic interests, leading to a lively discussion on the status and role of e-platforms in the age of food online. Responsibilities and liabilities in the (online) food chain are not yet clearly defined, and seem to be stuck between stringent safety regulation and immunity to promote innovation. Standing at the intersection of law, food and digital technology, 'Online platforms - new actors of the food chain' looks at the development of food online, and documents how (and whether) EU regulators and courts have been addressing the many challenges this development raises, especially in terms of food information and who is responsible for it.

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