Enchanted Pedagogies

Archetypes, Magic, and Knowledge


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Pedagogies of magic have their own cocooned metaphors waiting to hatch. In literature and the arts, magic ties its practitioners to systems of learning and methods of becoming. Enchanted Pedagogies, edited by Kari Adelaide Razdow, is a collection of essays by artists and writers who reflect on archetypes and tropes of enchantment, intertwining elements such as transformation, imagination, creativity, and empathy. These essays evoke shapeshifters, witches, ghosts, fools, fairies, hags, gnomes, selkies, and more, exploring multi-disciplinary artistic practices. Enchanted Pedagogies presents ways to expand, imagine, and circumvent modes of creativity and pedagogies through personal, theoretical, practice based, and hybrid explorations. The fantastic and poetic intertwine in a space of reflexive storytelling, renewing significant transformational elements of the arts and education. Contributors are: Jesse Bransford, Vanessa Chakour, Trinie Dalton, Lorenzo De Los Angeles, Thom Donovan, Laura Forsberg, Pam Grossman, Amy Hale, Elizabeth Insogna, Candice Ivy, Tiffany Jewell, Alessandro Keegan, Jac Lahav, Ruth Lingford, Maria Pinto, Kris N. Racaniello, Kari Adelaide Razdow, Alicia Smith, Janaka Stucky, Kay Turner, Meg Whiteford and Erin Yerby.

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Kari Adelaide Razdow, Ed.D. (2020), Teachers College, Columbia University, curates at The Sphinx Northeast. Her writing has appeared in Hyperallergic, BOMB, NYLON, Two Coats of Paint, the Walker Art Center Blog, Eyes towards the Dove, Tupelo Quarterly, and elsewhere.
Notes on Contributors

1 Introduction: How Do You Come to Know Magic?
Kari Adelaide Razdow

2 Huldufólk
Jesse Bransford

3 Shedding Skins
Vanessa Chakour

4 The Gnome Report from Mother Lode Country
Trinie Dalton

5 Ghosting Ghosts
Lorenzo De Los Angeles

6 Pedagogy of Necromancy: A Workshop Exercise and Its Enactment
Thom Donovan

7 In the Shadow of Toadstools: Fairies and the Natural World
Laura Forsberg

8 Witch Transmissions
Pam Grossman

9 SMART Goals Are Magic
Amy Hale

10 The Goddess
Elizabeth Insogna

11 Reflections on Alchemy
Candice Ivy

12 Shapeshifter
Tiffany Jewell

13 From the Stars or the Booming Labyrinth of the Mind: UFO s, Memories, and Myths
Alessandro Keegan

14 Historical-Ish Fiction on the Legend of Baba Yaga
Jac Lahav

15 The Hag: Metamorphosis
Ruth Lingford

16 Where Is the Lie: Anansi the Trickster, Traveler, NFT -Minter
Maria Pinto

17 Sibyl Pedagogy//Civic Pedagogy
Kris N. Racaniello

18 Traversing the Boundaries of Fairyland
Kari Adelaide Razdow

19 Medusa
Alicia Smith

20 The Golem: On Language and Becoming
Janaka Stucky

21 Hekate: Goddess for the Twenty-First Century
Kay Turner

22 Fool Party
Meg Whiteford

23 Precipitated Spirit Painting and Visionary Space
Erin Yerby
All interested in art and education, enchantment, pedagogies, cultural studies, fantasy and science fiction, and magic. Enchanted Pedagogies may resonate with an audience of educators, learners, researchers, artists, and writers.
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