Imago and Contemplatio in the Visual Arts and Literature (1400–1700)

Festschrift for Walter S. Melion


This volume contains twenty-four essays, which, in their subjects and methodology, pay tribute to the scholarship of Walter S. Melion. The contributions are grouped under three categories: “Devotion,” “Art and Image Theory,” and “Vision and Contemplation.” The Devotion section addresses votive practices, theological theory and polemic literature. The Art and Image Theory section focuses on Jesuit image theory, the reflexive dimension of works, and artists’ reflections on the function of images. Finally, the Vision and Contemplation section discusses the ‘early modern eye’ as a tool for thoughtful, prolonged looking to ascertain visual wit, deception, self-assessment and friendship, sacred and profane allegories.

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Stijn Bussels is Professor of Art History, especially before 1800, and head of the Department of Art History at Leiden University.

Karl Enenkel is Professor of Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin at the University of Münster.

Elliott D. Wise is Associate Professor of Art History at Brigham Young University.

Michel Weemans is Professor of Art History at the University of Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne.
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Stijn P.M. Bussels, Karl A.E. Enenkel, Michel Weemans, and Elliott D. Wise

Part 1: Devotion

1 Expecting Efficacy
John Decker

2 Deus ex machina – Remarks on Early-Netherlandish Art of Devotion
Reindert L. Falkenburg

3 Mediating the Holy: A Living Saint and the Status of the Image in Pre-Modern Augsburg
Ashley D. West

4 Panis Angelicus: The Christ Child among Angels in Early Sixteenth-Century Northern Art
Larry Silver

5 Private Devotion within the Imperial Network
 Nicolas de Granvelle and Nicole Bonvalot as Followers of the Cult of The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin
Dagmar Eichberger

6 The Stained Glass Windows of the Great Cloister of the Leuven Charterhouse: Between Memoria and Spiritual Edification?
Ingrid Falque

7 Catechizing the Cross
Lee Palmer Wandel

8 Temple Priests and Pharisees on Calvary: Anti-Judaism and Humanism in Maarten van Heemskerck’s Crucifixion (c.1549)
Shelley Perlove

9 Rubens and the Virgin Mary
Colette Nativel

10 ‘Vulnera Christi Medicina animarum’: The Pentalpha and the Five Wounds in Willem de Wael a Vronesteyn’s Corona sacratissimorum Iesu Christi vulnerum (1649)
James Clifton

11 God’s Kiss to Humanity: Seeing the Incarnation through the Eyes of Francis de Sales
Joseph F. Chorpenning

Part 2: Art and Image Theory

12 Exemplum: Model Books, Memory, and Traces of Marian Devotion Circa 1400
C. Jean Campbell

13 Silver and Gold I Do Not Have: Lambert Suavius’s Saint Peter Healing the Paralytic Man (1553) and the Poor Beauty of Engraving
Edward H. Wouk

14 All Cretans Lie: Pieter Bruegel’s ‘Misanthrope’ in a New Interpretation
Jürgen Müller

15 Image and Honour: Nicholas Sander and the Council of Trent
Wietse de Boer

16 Go from Fiction to the Truth!: Mennonitism and Humanism in Van Mander’s Theory of Painting
Boudewijn Bakker

17 Homo in Imagine [Impressa] Ambulat, the Proof of the (Engraved) Image
Ralph Dekoninck

18 The Problem of Ultraviolence in Modern Martyrology Narratives and Images, a Research Proposal
Pierre-Antoine Fabre

Part 3: Vision and Contemplation

19 Quinten Massys’s Deceptions in Plain Sight
Bret L. Rothstein

20 Animal Fables of Contemplation
Paul J. Smith

21 Self-reflection in a Troubled Age: Gillis Anselmo’s album amicorum and an Astrolabe Made by Michiel Coignet
Christine Göttler

22 ‘As Did Bruegel’: David Vinckboons’ Agony in the Garden as Proleptic Sacred Landscape
Art DiFuria

23 Notes on Galileo’s Moon
Barbara Baert

24 Hermeneutics and Allegory in Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin’s Les Délices de l’esprit (1658): from Visual to Figural Exegesis
Agnès Guiderdoni

Bibliography Walter Melion
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All those interested in early modern cultural history and art history, with a special attention for devotion, art and image theory, and vision and contemplation. Keywords: devotion, art theory, image theory, vision, contemplation.
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