Conceptual Engineering in Education

Philosophical Analysis for Educational Problems


Conceptual engineering has taken off as a philosophical methodology. This book asks what happens when conceptual engineering is applied to philosophy of education. The first section of the book deals with the question of whether conceptual engineering is a suitable methodology for philosophers of education. Arguments for and also some critical arguments against this method are presented. The second section comprises of chapters that illustrate what conceptual engineering looks like in practice, when applied to educational issues. The end result is an exploration of conceptual engineering in relation to education and simultaneously of what it means to engage in analytic philosophy of education more generally. With contributions from philosophers of education and from other related fields, this book provides an in-depth exploration of the nature and value of conceptual engineering in education. It touches on applied questions about mental health, indoctrination, safety in the classroom and educational justice.

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Jane Gatley is a lecturer in education at Swansea University. Her research covers questions about the school curriculum, the tension between different educational aims, and the nature and aims of philosophy as a discipline. Christian Norefalk holds a research-position as an Associate Senior Lecturer in Education at Malmö University. His research focuses on conceptual engineering, social ontology and the idea of education as a human right.
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