Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum 8

Didymus Alexandrinus. The Fragments of the Commentaries on Comedy


Didymus of Alexandria (also known as Chalcenterus, ‘bronze-guts’, for his outstanding ability to ‘digest’ and rework the scholarship of his predecessors) played a pivotal role in the understanding and reception of many classical Greek authors, both in antiquity and in modern times. His commentaries on the comic playwrights influenced ancient and modern scholarship alike and constitute to this day an invaluable repository of information for the study of ancient Greek comedy, the history of Hellenistic philology, and more. This is the first critical edition (with English translation and commentary) of all the extant fragments of Didymus’ commentaries on the comic playwrights.

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Federica Benuzzi, Ph.D. (2021), Università Ca’ Foscari – Venezia, is a Post-doc within the ERC-Project PURA at that university. She has published articles and contributions regarding Hellenistic scholarship on comedy, including the chapter Didymus and Comedy in the volume Didymus and Graeco-Roman Learning (BICS 63).
The book would be of interest to specialists of (as well as to under- and post-graduate students interested in) the history of Classical scholarship, ancient Greek comedy, Greek lexicography and scholiography, and related topics (and should thus be acquired by the academic institutions and libraries they frequent).
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