Arts Education

A Global Affair


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Arts Education: A Global Affair highlights the adaptations that arts educators and researchers have undertaken to successfully adjust to the changes in arts education practices as a consequence of the global pandemic and its ongoing variants. Moreover, teaching and research in arts education have changed significantly as a consequence of the world-wide pandemic, COVID-19. Emerging variants have exacerbated the situation and show no signs of subsiding. In response to these challenges, arts educators and researchers have developed new modes of instructional delivery and data collection. These include asynchronous, synchronous, hybrid and bi-modal online learning, and online questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, and video interviews. This volume highlights the adaptations that arts educators and researchers have undertaken to successfully adjust to this new reality in education.

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Bernard W. Andrews, EdD (1987), is Professor of Education at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His research focuses on arts partnerships, educational music, interactive teaching strategies, arts-based research, and teacher development. He is published in scholarly journals nationally and internationally.
Emily Achieng’ Akuno
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1 Artistic Creation and Dissemination of Landscape in Hybrid Online Learning: Approach outside the Classroom through Local Arboreal Heritage
Maria Luz Ruiz-Bañon, Victoria Sánchez and Manuel Fernández

2 Community of Practice in Game Art and Design Education with Discord Application
Lee Cheng and Baris Isikguner

3 Adapting Acting Education for Pandemic-Friendly Mediums: A Play about Self-Preservation and Self-Presentation
Kara Flanagan, Danu Anthony Stinson and Anita Prest

4 A Rack for Memories: Between Theory and Praxis, the Real and the Digital
Vendula Fremlová

5 Music Technology and the Hybrid Classroom Model
Samuel Graden

6 Community-Based Art Education in a Pandemic World: Maintaining and Building an “Art-Home” in a Time of Isolation
David LeRue, Catherine Wells, Kristina Urquhart, Jeannie Kyunjin Kim, Breanna Shanahan, Simone Aresnault-May and Nadia Kuehn

7 “Drama Education in the Distance, Really?! … Really!”: Ways of Adapting Drama Education in Czechia and Slovakia in the First COVID-19 Lockdown in Spring 2020
Kateřina Žarnikov

8 Teaching Is about Human Relationships: Art Education Graduate Students as Teachers and Learners in the Pandemic
Nancy Long, Amy Atkinson and David LeRue

9 Are Talking Heads the Only Answer? Remote and Hybrid Drama Education in a New Zealand Secondary School
Jane Isobel Luton and Jacqueline Hood

10 University Students’ Experiences Using Digital Technology in Choral Music Performance: A Case of Maseno University Choir Members
Nancy Masasabi

11 Inside the Online Location: Inquiring into Musical Narratives through PhD Mentorship
Anneke McCabe and Shelley M. Griffin

12 Canadian K-12 Music Educators’ Pandemic Teaching Experiences: The Silver Lining
Francine Morin

13 The Provision of Art Education for Children in Kenya Using WhatsApp
Lucy Mugambi

14 A Pedagogy of Arts and Multiliteracies
Beryl Peters and Julie Mongeon-Ferré

15 An Alternative Art Museum Engagement in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pedagogical Experimentation
Elmira Sarreshehdari and Yasaman Moussavi

16 Hiroshima-Concordia: A Transnational Art Education Commons in Action
Anita Sinner, Kazuyo Nakamura, Natalie Pavlik, Congmao Li, Nao Kameishi and Motoki Wada

17 Reflections on Research and Studio Teaching in an Online Environment
Michelle Wiebe

18 The Arts Cure: Innovating Equitable Education and Research during and after the Pandemic
Kari-Lynn Winters, Catherine Hands, Snežana Obradović-Ratković and Julianne Burgess

19 What a Child Can Learn from Visual Arts: An Observation from a Math Education Researcher during the Pandemic
Xiong Wang

20 The Genesis Project: An Investigation of Contemporary Music Composition
Bernard W. Andrews

Students, teachers, professors and researchers in the arts disciplines, media studies, education, and cultural studies.
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