Pathways to Health and Disease for Dairy Cows

Do you want to support dairy farmers in adjusting their management regarding the transition period of dairy cows? The book Pathways to health and disease for dairy cows provides veterinarians and farm advisors background information and practical tools. This unique book combines theoretical information with practical tools, and draws crosslinks between six aspects of transition cow biology. The book comprises two parts: an introduction chapter and six study chapters.
The first chapter outlines new ideas about the role of management in dairy farming:
- External conditions, comprising environment and farm management, continuously influence the internal body management of the cow.
- External conditions either support physiology or induce pathophysiology and pathology, for which new definitions are introduced.
- Advisory work on dairy farms must be based on the management of external conditions and not on herd performance data.
The six study chapters focus on the transition period and provide the reader with updated contemporary knowledge on (patho)physiology and pathology, and how they connect with risk factors, preventive measures, and monitoring tools.
Veterinarians and farm advisors must make a professional U-turn to support dairy farmers in solving and preventing disturbances in health and production. This book must be regarded as a start for resetting our traditional view and approach to cow health and disease.

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Notes on editors and contributors

1 External management is the backbone of profitable and sustainable dairy farming
Rik A.M. Hendriks and Arie Brand

2 Intermediate metabolism during the transition phase
Rik A.M. Hendriks, Math J.H. Geelen and Arie Brand

3 Dry matter intake
Rik A.M. Hendriks, Barry J. Bradford and Arie Brand

4 Rumen adaptation
Rik A.M. Hendriks, Sven Dänicke and Arie Brand

5 Calcium homeostasis
Rik A.M. Hendriks and Arie Brand
Reviewed by Jesse P. Goff

6 Redox homeostasis
Rik A.M. Hendriks, Angel Abuelo and Arie Brand

7 Calving process
Rik A.M. Hendriks, Peter L.A.M. Vos and Arie Brand

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