Burial and Memorial in Late Antiquity

Volume 2: Regional Perspectives


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Burial and Memorial explores funerary and commemorative archaeology A.D. 284-650, by region. This second volume includes papers exploring all aspects of funerary archaeology, from scientific samples in graves, to grave goods and tomb robbing and a bibliographic essay. It brings into focus neglected regions not usually considered by funerary archaeologists in NW Europe, such as the Levant, where burial archaeology is rich in grave good, to Sicily and Sardinia, where post-mortem offerings and burial manipulations are well-attested. We also hear from excavations in Britain, from Canterbury and London, and see astonishing fruits from the application of science to graves recently excavated in Trier.

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Alexandra Dolea, Ph.D. (2017), is Field Director at the Limyra Excavation Site (TR). Her doctorate (2017) focused on the Late Antique urban spaces in Scythia Minor. Her research topics include functionality changes, urban aesthetics, and everyday life archaeology in Late Antiquity and Middle Ages.
Luke Lavan, Ph.D (2001), is a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Kent. He is the series editor of Late Antique Archaeology, has directed excavation and survey at Ostia, and author of Public Space in the Late Antique City (2020).
Anyone interested in the funerary archaeology, memory, spolia, Christianisation, and history of late antique society.
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