Different Perspectives, Different Cultures, Different Places

The Experiences of International and Domestic Students Studying in an Australian University


Volume Editor:
Eight international and four domestic doctoral students share the story of completing their doctoral journey at an Australian university, as well as their experiences of being part of a large collaborative research group that served as a source of support and motivation on their doctoral journey. They share their dreams, hopes, and frustrations of searching, applying, being rejected and finally accepted as a doctoral candidate. International students share their impressions and experiences of being in a new land with a new language and immersing themselves and their families in a distinctly different culture and society. These are the stories of the challenges they encountered and their struggles and successes.

Contributors are: Elizabeth Allotta, Laura Emily Clark, Maria Ejlertsen, Daeul Jeong, Solange Lima, Huifang Liu, Mohammad Tareque Rahman, Umme Salma, Margaret Schuls, Sara Haghighi Siahgorabi, Lauren Thomasse and Tran Le Nghi Tran.

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Elizabeth Allotta completed her doctoral study at the University of Queensland, while working as a fulltime teacher. She has authored textbooks and contributed chapters to academic books and journal articles. Her current interests include exploring and sharing stories of lived experience.
Series Editor’s Foreword: The Doctoral Journey in Education
Brent Bradford
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Notable Quotes
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: The Doctoral Journey from Different Perspectives
Elizabeth Allotta

PART 1: Heading Easterly from South America

1 Sailing through Different Doctorate Programs in a Quest to Make Sense of Learning-By-Doing for School Reform
Solange Lima

2 (Be)longings to Belong in Education and Academia: A Response-Able Doctoral Research Journey
Maria Ejlertsen

3 Mathematics Education Journey: Scary, but Enjoyable
Sara Haghighi Siahgorabi

PART 2: Asian Neighbours

4 Making the Roller Coaster Ride Gentle: A Short Narrative of My Doctoral Journey
Mohammad Tareque Rahman

5 Rocks Rifted, a Waterfall Flowed: Tracing a Woman’s Doctoral Trek
Umme Salma

6 Juggling the Balls: The Journey of a Resilient Learner
Tran Le Nghi Tran

7 The Dream Came True, the Road Was Bumpy: My Doctoral Journey Leading to the Place Ideal
Huifang Liu

8 An International Doctoral Student’s Diary: The Beginning, the Candidature, and What after
Daeul Jeong

PART 3: From across Australia

9 What Helps and What Hinders: The Journey from a Novice to a Master
Lauren Thomasse

10 A Stranger in a Familiar Land: A Domestic Student Relocates
Laura Emily Clark

11 And the Doctoral Journey Starts Again…
Elizabeth Allotta

12 What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? A Life-Long Journey of Investigation and Discovery in Theory and Practice
Margaret Schuls

PART 4: All in Together: Experiences of Working in a Large Collaborative Group

13 Something Bigger, Something Other: A Different Way of Imagining a Collaborative Research Group
Elizabeth Allotta

PART 5: Final Thoughts

Contributor Thoughts upon Completion

Elizabeth Mackinlay

Institutions offering social science (in particular education and language and cultural studies) postgraduate and doctoral courses; enrolled and prospective doctoral students and supervisors, university graduate schools supporting and assisting international students.
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