The Creative Mathematics Teacher’s Book of Lists

Unexpected lists that propel your teaching into refreshingly new directions!

From lesson planning and assessment strategies to ideas for changing the world, there is something for everybody at every level and age of mathematics – entertaining humor, deeply serious provocations to push you out of the box, and good, clean wholesome tips for creative experiments in classroom organization.

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Peter Appelbaum is Professor and Director of Education Studies and Curriculum Studies Programs at Arcadia University and has over 40 years of experience in innovative math teaching in and out of schools. Among his numerous books and articles is Embracing Mathematics: On Becoming a Teacher and Changing with Mathematics (Routledge, 2008).
About the Author

Introduction: How to Read This Book – A List of Reading Approaches
Teacher List Circles
Leave It Lying Around
Choose Your Own Adventure
Re-gift the Gift That Keeps on Giving
University Syllabus
One More List of Advice

1 Mathematical Activity Lists
Alan Bishop’s Six Mathematical Activities
Tamsin Meaney’s List of Bishop’s Six Activities
David Kirshner’s Three Types of Activity

2 Assessment Lists
Alice Pitt Assessment Categories
Susan Ohanian’s Ten Foundational Questions
Jo Boaler’s Five Elements of Effective Struggle

3 Hannah Arendt Lists
Hannah Arendt’s Three Kinds of Activity
Hannah Arendt’s Four Strategies for Unlearning

4 Math Joke Lists
Top Dozen Silly Math Jokes
Common Homophones for Creating Math Jokes
Polysemous Words with Special Mathematics Meanings

5 Math as Art Lists
Josiah McElheny’s Three Ways to Use Models
Susan Sontag’s Alternatives to Representation
Sianne Ngai and the Aesthetics of Students’ Contributions
Art Projects for Math Classes

6 Political & Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Lists
Gloria Ladson-Billing’s Six Habits of Highly Effective Teachers
Celebrating the Mathematical Brilliance of Multilingual Learners
Levels of Democratic Mathematics
Post-Colonial Mathematics Levels
Anti-Racist Mathematics

7 PlayBook Lists
Georg Pólya’s How to Solve It
John Mason, Kaye Stacey & Leone Burton’s Thinking Mathematically
Stephen I. Brown & Marion Walter’s Art of Problem Posing
Concept-Based Lesson Genres
Promoting a Thinking Classroom
Five Dimensions of “TRU”-ly Powerful Classrooms
Peter’s Practical Critical Thinking Strategies
Five Days of Better Question-Asking
Worksheet Options
Daniels-Type Literature Circle Roles
Storytelling Techniques for Math Teachers
Three-Act Mathematics

8 More Than Human Mathematics Lists
Neo-SAMBA School Math
Seven Ways Math Can Save the World

9 Excellence & Flourishing Lists
Aristotle’s Virtues
Theoretical & Practical Virtues
Virtues Inspired by Judith Butler
Afrofuturist Virtues
What Every Mathematics Classroom Never Knew It Needed
First Aid Supplies for the Math Teacher’s Body & Spirit
A Short List of Mathematical Games You Might Have Overlooked

10 List of Last Thoughts

Index of Mathematical Topics
Index of Names
Current Mathematics Teachers; K-16; PDE facilitators; University Methods Courses, elementary through secondary; graduate seminars; teacher resource centers; academic libraries. Mathematics Education; Mathematics Teaching; Social Justice Mathematics; Assessment; Post-Colonial Mathematics; Culturally Responsive Teaching; Democratic Mathematics Education
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