Islands of Extreme Exclusion

Studies on Global Practices of Isolation, Punishment, and Education of the Unwanted


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The island has historically played a special role in the cultural imagination – sometimes as a place of promise of tranquillity; at other times the remoteness has seemed attractive for more sinister reasons. Using islands for extreme exclusion has a long history and remains important for understanding the complexities of inclusive education. This volume presents new case studies of island exclusion of prisoners, people with disability, and refugees in the Global North and South. It also offers reflections on practices of re-inclusion and the larger issues of inclusive education.

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Bjørn Hamre, Ph.D., University of Copenhagen, Department of Communication, is Associate Professor of Education. He has published books, chapters and articles on inclusion and exclusion, including Testing and Inclusive Schooling: International Challenges and Opportunities (Routledge, 2018).

Lisa Villadsen, Ph.D., University of Copenhagen, Department of Communication, is Professor of Rhetoric. She has published international co-edited volumes on topics ranging from rhetorical citizenship to populism, including The Rhetoric of Official Apologies: Critical Essays (Lexington Books, 2021).
Students and researchers, Institutes/libraries within disability studies, sociology, education, history, criminology, rhetoric. Practitioners and professionals in NGOs. Policymakers within educational institutions, organizations with a focus on refugees, first nation people, and disabled people.
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