Technology and Learning

Issues Vital to Address

This book unpicks how the growing role of technology in learning, particularly tools and machines designed to solve real-world problems, is impacting thinking and expression. Discussed are processes, which must be understood to apply technology tools successfully; practices, to determine how to implement effective technology support to assist thinking, communication, and collaboration; performance, in terms of student experiences of technology; and predictions, to outline and analyze current technology trends.

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Rosemary Sage, Ph.D. (1992), is a speech pathologist, psychologist and teacher across all education stages. She has worked in 38 countries on language, education, and workplace issues and published many books and articles on these subjects. Presently, she is working on the World Thinking Project, revealing how limited narrative language affects cognitive processing.

Riccarda Matteucci, Ph.D. (1973), is a language and communication expert who has researched the history of language as a senior research fellow at the University of Cambridge. Her teaching has involved all levels in schools and universities and, mostly recently, included educational robotics to prepare the 21st century citizen for life and work.
The book is applicable to anyone interested in the possibilities of employing technology for learning. Policy makers, teachers, and students will find chapters that apply to their experiences.
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