Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

A Human View

Current textbooks provide a strong bio-medical view on epidemics. In this textbook, the bio-medical view will be extended to a human view including insights from humanities, social sciences. This extension challenges us all the more to combine the requirement of scientific objectivity with the subjectivity inherent to human life. In addition, the bio-medical view is deepened using knowledge of botanical epidemiology with respect to ‘evolutionary dynamics of pathogens’ and ‘epidemic spread of pathogens’. Bio-medical oriented students and senior scientists are invited to reflect on the multi-dimensional, subjective, character of epidemics. Reflections that may enable appropriate, human, management of epidemics.

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Dr Jos Frantzen (1960) is a biologist-epidemiologist of training in both, botanical and human epidemiology. His academic career in the Netherlands and Switzerland was followed by one as a research manager in life sciences owing his own company nowadays.
Lex Bouter (Professor Emeritus of Methodology and Integrity at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Medical Center) called the book a broad and reflective publication combining both evolutionary and historical aspects. Great importance is placed on the trinity of body, mind and environment for the benefit of all, highlighting especially vulnerable groups, as the elderly and the sick. Last but not least, the content provides interdisciplinary knowledge including facets from social sciences and humanities.
The textbook is intended primarily for courses epidemiology at the Masters level, or beyond, and bio-medical scientists at the post-academic level. It may also serve non-biomedical scientists involved in epidemiology.
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