Building Bridges: Ignaz Goldziher and His Correspondents

Islamic and Jewish Studies around the Turn of the Twentieth Century


The scholarship of Ignaz Goldziher (1850–1921), one of the founders of Islamic studies in Europe, has not ceased to be in the focus of interest since his death. This volume addresses aspects of Goldziher’s intellectual trajectory together with the history of Islamic and Jewish studies as reflected in the letters exchanged between Goldziher and his peers from various countries that are preserved in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and elsewhere. The thirteen contributions deal with hitherto unexplored aspects of the correspondence addressing issues that are crucial to our understanding of the formative period of these disciplines.

Contributors: Camilla Adang, Hans-Jürgen Becker, Kinga Dévényi, Sebastian Günther, Máté Hidvégi Livnat Holtzman, Amit Levy, Miriam Ovadia, Dóra Pataricza, Christoph Rauch, Valentina Sagaria Rossi, Sabine Schmidtke, Jan Thiele, Samuel Thrope, Tamás Turán, Maxim Yosefi, Dora Zsom.

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Hans-Jürgen Becker, Dr. theol. (1989), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, is Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at that university. He has published editions, translations and monographs on Rabbinic Judaism, including the Talmud Yerushalmi (7 vols., Mohr 1991-2001) and Avot de-Rabbi Natan (3 vols., Mohr 2004-2016).

Kinga Dévényi, Ph.D. (1985), independent scholar. She has published extensively on topics ranging from the history of Arabic grammar to codicology, including a Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Leiden: Brill; Budapest: MTAK, 2016).

Sebastian Günther, Ph.D. (1989), Georg August University, Göttingen, is Professor and Chair of Arabic and Islamic at this university. He has published extensively on the intellectual history of Islam, including the edited volume Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam: Religious Learning between Continuity and Change (2 vols., Brill 2020).

Sabine Schmidtke, Ph.D. (1990), Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ, is Professor of Islamic Intellectual History at that institution. She has published on topics ranging from intellectual history, the history of Oriental studies, and the Arabic Bible, including Martin Schreiner between Islamic Studies and “Wissenschaft des Judentums”: A Study of His Life and Work (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2024).

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1 Scholarly Correspondence: Mapping the DNA of Scholarship. An Introduction
Hans-Jürgen Becker, Kinga Dévényi, Sebastian Günther, Sabine Schmidtke

2 “In vollkommener Verehrung”: Israel Friedlaender’s Letters to Goldziher
Camilla Adang

3 “Your unconscious personal influence started me on my course”: On the Correspondence of Ignaz Goldziher and Duncan B. Macdonald
Kinga Dévényi

4 Ignaz Goldziher: The Founding Father of Gesture Studies in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Livnat Holtzman and Miriam Ovadia

5 Rediscovering the Goldziher Legacy in Jerusalem: Religion, Language, and History in the Making of a Hebrew University
Amit Levy

6 On The Kiss: An Early Piece of Correspondence between Ignaz Goldziher and Immanuel Löw
Dóra Pataricza and Máté Hidvégi

7 A Complicated Relationship: Carlo Landberg’s Friendship with Ignaz Goldziher—Between Ambition and Anti-Semitism
Christoph Rauch

8 Arabicae investigationes in the Correspondence between Carlo Alfonso Nallino and Ignaz Goldziher, 1893 through 1920
Valentina Sagaria Rossi

9 Ignaz Goldziher, Walter Gottschalk, and the Kitāb al-Aymān by Ibrāhīm b. ʿAbd Allāh al-Najīramī
Sabine Schmidtke

10 Publishing Ibn Tūmart’s “Book” in Colonial Algeria: The Correspondence of J.D. Luciani, E. Doutté and M. Gaudefroy-Demombynes with I. Goldziher
Jan Thiele

11 The Goldziher Collection at the National Library of Israel
Samuel Thrope

12 Goldziher and Jewish Scholarship in Light of His Correspondence with Immanuel Löw and Michael Guttmann
Tamás Turán

13 Friend, Teacher, “Shaykh”: Goldziher and the Founders of Islamic Studies in St. Petersburg
Maxim Yosefi

14 Goldziher as a Master: The Correspondence of Ignaz Goldziher and Martin Schreiner
Dora Zsom

15 The Published Correspondence of Ignaz Goldziher: A Bibliographical Guide
Kinga Dévényi and Sabine Schmidtke

Scholars of Jewish and Islamic Studies; scholars interested in the history of the humanities during the second half of the 19th century and at the turn of the 20th century.
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