Art & Magic

Curating the Western Art Witch Movement


The magical images and protest tools of Artemisia Gentileschi to Amanda Yates Garcia, also known as the Oracle of LA, are revealed in this book. Art Witches have created powerful images that resonate with beauty and activism, from Italian courtrooms in the 1500s to binding spells for the US Trump presidency in 2016.

For the first time, this book connects the genealogy of the image of the witch from historical to contemporary artists. It intertwines artistic purpose with social ills and equity issues and probes how this narrative is exposed and curated in museums and memorials focused on witchcraft.

The collection of images, artist interviews, and a case study of the two artists that make up Hilma’s Ghost provide recognition and a new context for this important and rapidly growing art movement.

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Kathryn Turley-Sonne (she, her) Ph.D., has taught and guest lectured various honors seminars, literature, museum studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies courses at Cypress College and other institutions for thirty years. She is a full professor, the Director of the campus Honors Program, a Puente faculty, and a Study Abroad faculty. In addition, she is a curator, board member, and treasurer of the Bader + Simon Gallery in Cincinnati, which focuses on underrepresented artists, social justice and equity exhibits, and narrative-changing community engagement and activism. She is also a board member at MoCA, Westport, the co-chair of MoCA Gives Back, Ohio Advisory Group of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and a co-founder of Club203, a social organization for neurodiverse adults. Her most recent curation, podcasts, and blogs are connected to the exhibit at Bader + Simon, Equinox: Art & Magic.
All interested in art history, museum studies, witches, and magic. This text is a valuable asset to any academic library as well as to upper-division and graduate students.
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