A Linguistic-Theological Exegesis of Ezekiel as Môphēt

“I have made you a sign” (Ezekiel 12:6)


Delve into Ezekiel’s tumultuous world, discovering his role as YHWH’s מוֹפֵת, a unique ‘sign’, among many others, and a divine communicator. Does the Exile’s trauma find an ‘ameliorating’ perspective through Ezekiel’s symbolic actions and identity? From temple absence to YHWH’s ‘glory’ departure, from loss and prohibited grief to intermittent mutism, is Ezekiel a response to a communication crisis between YHWH and Israel? Uncover how מוֹפֵת’s elusive meaning sheds light on Ezekiel’s role as an ‘embodiment’ of YHWH’s presence, a bridge in YHWH’s intricate relationship with Israel. Through meticulous exegesis and linguistic-theological analysis, you will experience afresh Ezekiel’s narrative and theology.

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Stefano Salemi, PhD(s) (FTP, KCL, Oxford), is Director of the Australian Centre for Biblical and Theological Research; Associate Professor of Biblical Languages, Studies, and Theology, PBC/SCD-University College (AU); Tutor in Biblical-Theological Studies, Oxford University; Extraordinary Researcher, North-West University; among others.
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1 Ezekiel Is a מוֹפֵת
 1.1 Introduction
 1.2 The Book and the Prophet
 1.3 Historical-Narrative Setting
 1.4 Methodological Approach and Content

2 The Phenomenon of the Symbolic Actions
 2.1 The Symbolic Communication
 2.2 Symbolic Actions in Ezekiel
 2.3 Perspectives on Ezekiel’s Symbolic Actions
 2.4 Interpretative Viewpoints on מופת
 2.5 Conclusions

3 מופת and the Hebrew Bible
 3.1 Groundwork
 3.2 Semantic Analysis of מופת
 3.3 Summary

4 “I Have Made You a מופת” – Exegesis and Possible Theological Implications
 4.1 Ezekiel 12: מופת – Narrative and Theology
 4.2 Ezekiel 24: מופת – Embodiment of YHWH
 4.3 Possible Theological Implications

5 Conclusion
Biblical scholars, linguists, theologians, Jewish scholars, religious practitioners, university libraries, religious/bible/theology/language students. Experts of: Ezekiel, biblical prophets, Hebrew language, Semantics, Greek language, Septuagint, Masoretic Text, Hebrew Bible, Exegesis, Trauma studies.
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