The Office of the Epimeletes

Studies in the Administration of Ptolemaic Egypt


In this book, the intricate administrative apparatus of Ptolemaic Egypt comes to light. The study delves deeply into the pivotal roles of the epimeletes, a significant administrative official operating at the nome level. This official was tasked with supervising a diverse array of functions that held paramount importance in ensuring the financial stability and control of the Ptolemaic state. Throughout the book's six chapters and four appendices, the evolution of the epimeletes' responsibilities, and the relationships with other officials are meticulously analysed. Throughout the book, readers are taken on a journey through the third and second centuries B.C., witnessing the epimeletes' involvement in agricultural matters, taxation, monopolies, and more. The book highlights the intricate relationships the epimeletes maintained with various administrative tiers, military officials, and police authorities, shedding light on the collaborative nature of Ptolemaic governance.

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