A Charter School Principal Story

A View from the Inside (Second Edition)

What happens when a Canadian principal, guided by the teachings of Fullan and Hargreaves, takes on the role of school leader in an inner-city charter school in the United States? This inside story of a principal in the DC charter school system, reveals much about the desire for educators and students to experience more than a life of multiple-choice testing that tends to be so commonplace in these schools. While such a case adds to the mound of research that supports the ‘change takes time’ findings, it nevertheless demonstrates the reality, on a day-to-day basis, of what’s worth fighting for in schools. Student and teacher engagement and empowerment matter, and to get to such ends, a school must fiercely focus on targets well beyond test scores.

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Barbara J. Smith has been a teacher-researcher and school leader in public, charter, independent and international schools for over 40 years. She has started three schools and has been a teacher educator at three teaching faculties and graduate schools of education.
School leaders, trustees, department of education officials, undergraduate and graduate students, principal certification candidates, academic and public libraries, teachers, consultants
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