The Emporium of the World

Maritime Quanzhou, 1000–-1400


This volume, by offering a score of new insights derived from a wide variety of recent archaeological and textual sources, bring to life an important overseas trading port in Southeast Asia: Quanzhou. During the Song and Yuan dynasties active official and unofficial engagement in trade had formative effects on the development of the maritime trade of Quanzhou and its social and economic position both regionally and supraregionally.
In the first part subjects such as the impact of the Song imperial clan and the local élites on these developments, the economic importance of metals, coins, paper money, and changes in the political economy, are amply discussed.
The second part concentrates on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of archaeological data and materials, the investigation of commodities from China, their origins, distribution and final destinations, the use of foreign labour, and the particular role of South Thailand in trade connections, thus supplying the hard data underlying the main argument of the book.

Biographical Note

Angela Schottenhammer, Ph.D. (1993) in Sinology, University of Würzburg, Germany, is teaching at the University of Munich. She has published extensively on the ancient and modern economic and social-political history of China.


All those interested in the history of maritime trade and overseas trade relations of China, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, historians and sinologists.