Marxism and International Relations

Studies from the Brazilian Global South


Volume Editor:
Where is Marxism in International Relations? The answer lies in this collective work by Brazilian authors who have looked to Marxist theory for an alternative perspective, and therefore outside the dominant ideas in the field, to analyse International Relations. Specifically, the answer is divided into themes: key ideas by Marx and Engels for IR, Marxist thinkers as IR theorists, Marxist theories on imperialism, and the Latin-American theory on dependency. With the end result, this book adds to the international intellectual efforts to criticize and overcome capitalism.

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Caio Bugiato, Ph.D. (2016), University of Campinas, Brazil, is Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and at Federal University of ABC, São Paulo. He is the Editor of Marxism and International Relations (in Portuguese).


Notes on Contributors

Part 1
Key Ideas by Marx and Engels for  ir 
1 Marx and the Formation of the Modern International System
  Luis Manoel Rebelo Fernandes

2 Marx, Engels and the System of World Power in the Nineteenth Century
  Muniz Gonçalves Ferreira

3 Revolutions and International Relations Marxism’s Contributions and Failures
  Paulo Gilberto Fagundes Visentini

Part 2
Marxist Thinkers as  ir  Theorists
4 The Center-Periphery Dialectic Lenin’s Contribution to the Analysis of Contemporary International Relations
  Rita Matos Coitinho

5 ‘War against War’ Rosa Luxemburg as an International Relations Theorist
  Miguel Borba de Sá

6 The Imperialist Chain of the Interstate Relations Nicos Poulantzas’ Theory on Imperialism
  Caio Martins Bugiato

7 Hegemonic Struggle and Populism Agonistic Solutions to the Identity Challenge
  Mayra Goulart da Silva

8 Imperialism as a Complex System of Domination An Approach from Domenico Losurdo
  Diego Pautasso

9 David Harvey and the International Relations Some Appointments
  Leonardo César Souza Ramos, Rodrigo Corrêa Teixeira and Marina Scotelaro de Castro

Part 3
Marxist Theories on Imperialism
10 Notes on Imperialism, State and International Relations
  Luiz Felipe Brandão Osório

11 The Marxist Debate on Post-World War ii Imperialism
  Caio Martins Bugiato and Tatiana Berringer

12 Imperialism The Question of System Stability
  Marcelo Pereira Fernandes

Part 4
Latin-American Theory on Dependency
13 The Marxist Theory of Dependency Contributions of Latin American Marxism to International Relations
  Maíra Machado Bichir

14 Imperialism and Dependence vs. Interdependence The Muted side of a Theoretical Clash
  Rejane Carolina Hoeveler

15 Brazilian Sub-imperialism and Peripheral Development A Marxist Critique of the Dependency Theory
  Tiago Soares Nogara


This book is intended for all those interested in Marxism and the field of International Relations, especially academics.
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