Performing Arts and the Royal Courts of Southeast Asia, Volume Two

Pusaka as Performed Heritage


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This publication brings together current scholarship that focuses on the significance of performing arts heritage of royal courts in Southeast Asia. The contributors consist of both established and early-career researchers working on traditional performing arts in the region and abroad. The first volume, Pusaka as Documented Heritage, consists of historical case studies, contexts and developments of royal court traditions, particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The second volume, Pusaka as Performed Heritage, comprises chapters that problematise royal court traditions in the present century with case studies that examine the viability, adaptability and contemporary contexts for coexisting administrative structures.

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Mayco A. Santaella is Professor at the Department of Film and Performing Arts and Dean for the School of Arts at Sunway University. He is the co-editor of Made in Nusantara: Studies in Popular Music (Routledge, 2021) and editor of Popular Music in East and Southeast Asia: Sonic (under)Currents and Currencies (Sunway University Press, 2022).
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1 Manipulating Notions of Southeast Asian Royal Court Performance: Romanticising, Appropriating, Deconstructing, Inventing and Imagining
Ricardo D. Trimillos

2 ‘A Name Is All That Remains’: Twenty-first-century Traces of Sundanese Royal Courts in Modern Sundanese Performing Arts
Henry Spiller

3 Performing Arts as a Cultural Bridge between Hindu Rulers and Muslim Communities in Bali
Ako Mashino

4 Martial Arts and the Malays of Singapore: from Court Traditions to Contemporary Identity Signifiers
Mohamed Effendy Abdul Hamid

5 The Royal Abduction of Napsa and the Hostaging of Dance: a Discursive Exploration of Why Igal Is Pangalay in the Sulu Archipelago
M.C.M. Santamaria

6 The Fewer the Better: Exclusivity in Royal Thai Court Music
Supeena Insee Adler

7 For Soul or for Sale? Javanese Court Dance at a Crossroads
Sal Murgiyanto and A.M. Hermien Kusmayati

8 Thai Court Performance as Object, Event and Affect
Deborah Wong

9 Reciprocity and Allegiance of Enduring Intra-kingdom Relationships in Balinese Performing Arts
Made Mantle Hood

10 Honouring the Maradika: from Kaili Kingdoms to a Decentralised Neo-royal Provincial Government
Mayco A. Santaella

11 Traditional Performing Arts in the North Coast of Java: Centre–Periphery, Court–Rural Dynamics

12 Rei(g)ning in a New World: Performing Javanese Kingship to Diverse Contemporary Audiences in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Roger Vetter

13 Discourses of Style and Value in the Performing Arts of the Javanese Courts
R. Anderson Sutton

Glossary of Non-English Terms
Ethnomusicologists, theatre and dance specialists, historians, anthropologists, area studies and academics working on the performing arts of Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia specifically and Southeast Asia at large.
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