The Folk-tales of Burma

An Introduction


This handbook is the first in-depth overview of the fascinating world of Burmese folk-tales. Part one provides a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary survey of folk-tale studies, together with a broad functional classification of Burma’s tales.
Part two presents, mostly for the first time in a European language, the categorized actual tales themselves. With commentaries on plots and cross-cultural motifs - past and present.
With index, substantial bibliography, and suggestions for further research.

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Pages: 357–365
Pages: 385–393
Gerry Abbott, Ph.D. (1997) in Education, Manchester University, and now Honorary Fellow at Manchester University, has published extensively in the teaching of English overseas. His more recent books on Burmese culture include Inroads into Burma (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1997).

Khin Thant Han, M.A. (1977) in English, Rangoon Institute of Education, taught for many years in Burmese Universities. Retiring as Senior Lecturer in English in 1994, she now concentrates on translating from, and occasionally broadcasting in, Burmese.
South-east Asian historians, folk-tale students, ethnologists, comparative religionists.
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