Nazis and Nazi Sympathizers in Latin America after 1945


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Aside from the prominent perpetrators such as Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele or Klaus Barbie, there were numerous other cases of Nazis and Nazi sympathizers from Germany and Austria who ended up in Latin America after 1945. Their life trajectories, professional activities, and contacts to local elites in their new homes have hardly been subject to systematic research to date. Their new lives in Latin America, their careers e.g. as diplomats, secret service agents or scientists are therefore a main focus of this volume. The biographies of these people and their networks are woven into the larger political, social, and scientific contexts of postwar Europe and Latin America, especially in the early Cold War period.

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Linda Erker, Ph.D. (2018), University of Vienna, is Assistant Professor at the Department of Contemporary History. She has taught and published on the history of universities under fascisms; persecution and global migration of scholars in the 20th century and the history of National Socialism and its aftermath.

Raanan Rein, Ph.D. (1991), Tel Aviv University, is the Elías Sourasky Professor of Latin American and Spanish History. Former Vice President of this university, Rein is a member of Argentina's National Academy of History and author of numerous books.
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1 Introduction
Raanan Rein and Linda Erker

Part 1: Politics and Narratives

2 From the Blue Book to the CEANA Report and Back: Narratives of Argentina’s Complicity with the Third Reich and Nazi Fugitives
Raanan Rein
3 The Munitions King Fritz Mandl: How an Austrian Emigrant of Jewish Origin Was Turned into a Nazi
Ursula Prutsch

Part 2:German and Austrian Continuities

4 The Survival of Nazi Diplomatic Structures in Post-World War II Latin America
Christian Cwik
5 Avoiding “Everything that Separates”: the West German Embassy and the Nazi Exiles in Argentina
Daniel Stahl
6 A Menacing Past: Spies with a National Socialist Background on Mission for West Germany in Latin America
Holger M. Meding

Part 3: A New Start in the New Continent

7 A Veil of Silence: the Life and Networks of Walther Rauff in Chile
Gustavo Guzmán
8 National Socialist Propagandists on the Río de la Plata: Wilfred Von Oven and Johann Von Leers as Members of Right-Wing Extremism Networks after 1945
Martin Finkenberger
9 Hans Fischböck: the Late Escape of a Nazi War Criminal to Argentina
Jutta Fuchshuber and Andreas Schrabauer

Part 4: Scientists as Mercenaries

10 Warfare Research and the Two Careers of Hans-Joachim Schumacher
Jason Lemberg
11 Armin Dadieu: How the Physical Chemist Went from “Austria’s Gravedigger” to Rocket Scientist in Perón’s “New Argentina”
Linda Erker

Part 5: Jewish Pursuit of Nazis and Collaborators

12 “Via Área”/“Por correo Aéreo”: Correspondence with Jews and Jewish Communities in South America in the Simon Wiesenthal Archive
Kinga Frojimovics and Marianne Windsperger
13 Final Remarks
Philippe Sands

Both undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, and people interested in Nazism, war crimes, Latin America, Cold War, and German and Austrian history.
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