Towns and their Territories Between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages


The papers in this volume are contributed by leading historians, art historians and archaeologists and focus on 5 key themes: the evolution of settlement patterns in the Byzantine empire; the impact of barbarian elites in Spain, Gaul, Italy and Pannonia; the role of the Church in the definition of new links between town and territories; the situation in culturally homogenous territories such as Constantinople and the minor Langbard polities; the situation in economically defined territories.

Contributions include papers by Gian Pietro Brogiolo, Pablo C. Díaz, Michel Fixot, Gisela Ripoll and Javier Arce, Sauro Gelichi, Wolfram Brandes and John Haldon, Nancy Gauthier, Gisella Cantino Wataghin, Ross Balzaretti, Martina Caroli, Neil Christie, Bryan Ward-Perkins and John Mitchell.

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Gian Pietro Brogiolo teaches Medieval Archaeology at Padua University.
Nancy Gauthier teaches Ancient History at the Université François-Rabelais (Tours).
Neil Christie is lecturer in Medieval Archaeology at Leicester University.
"…a valuable book, which draws together evidence from a wide range of regions, periods and sources, and represents current scholarly consensus while also offering new insights." – Tamara Lewit, in: The Classical Review, 2003
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Introduction Gian Pietro Brogiolo
City and Territory in Hispania in Late antiquity Pabli C. Diaz
La cite et son territoire: l’exemple du Sud-Est de la Gaule Michel Fixot
The Transformation and End of roman Villae in the West (Fourth-Seventh Centuries: problems and Perspectives) Gisela Ripoll and Javier Arce
Ceramic Production and Distribution in the Early Medieval Mediterranean Basin (Seventh to Tenth Centuries AD): Between Town and Countryside Sauro Gelichi
Towns, Tax and Transformation: Sate, Cities and their Hinterlands in the East Roman World, c.500-800 Wolfram Brandes and John Haldon
Le reseau de pouvoirs de l’eveque dans la Gaule du haut Moyen-Age Nancy Gauthier
Christianisaition et organisation ecclesiastique des campagnes : l’Italie du Nord aux Ive-VIIe siecles Gisella Cautino Wataghin
Monasteries, Towns and the Countryside : Reciprocal Relationships in the Archdiocese of Milan, 614-814 Ross Balzaretti
Bringing Saints to Cities and Monasteries: Translationes in the Making of a Sacred Geography (Ninth-Tenth Centuries) Martina Caroli
Towns, Lands and Power: German-Roman Survivals and Interactions in fifth- and Sixth-Century Pannonia Neil Christie
Towns, Forts and the Countryside: Archaeological Models for northern Italy in the Early Lombard Period (AD 568-650) Gian Pietro Brogiolo
Constantinople: A City and its Ideological Territory Bryan Ward-Perkins
Artistic Patronage and Cultural Strategies in Lombard Italy John Mitchell
Conclusions Nancy Gauthier

Historians of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages; urban historians.
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