A History of Sanskrit Grammatical Literature in Tibet, Volume 2 Assimilation into Indigenous Scholarship


This first, systematic survey of the Tibetan non-canonical literature dealing with Sanskrit grammar, partly consists of translations of Indic works, such as revisions of canonical versions, and translations of works not contained in the canon, and partly of original Tibetan works.
In the first chapter of the book a detailed description of these textual materials is presented – sixty-one titles in total – which were produced during all periods of Tibetan literary history, from the ninth to the twentieth centuries. The second chapter discusses one specific effect of the impetus of Indic traditional grammar within Tibetan scholastics, namely the influence of Indic models of linguistic description on Tibetan indigenous grammar.
This particular assimilation of an Indic technical discipline into Tibetan scholarship is examined in detail, and it is shown that other segments of Indic Buddhism were sources of inspiration and derivation for the Tibetan grammarians as well.

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Biographical Note

Pieter Cornelis Verhagen, Ph.D. (1991) in Arts, Leiden University, is University Lecturer for Indic religious history, in particular later Buddhism and Tibetan language and literature, at Leiden University. He has published extensively on indigenous Indic and Tibetan linguistics, and their correlations with Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, including volume I of the present study (Brill, 1994).


This systematic survey will prove valuable material for all those interested in the indigenous traditions of Sanskrit and Tibetan grammar, the history of linguistics, the processes of transcultural receptivity, as well as Indologists, Tibetologists, Buddhologists and linguists.

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