Assessing the Common European Asylum System

Discretionary implementation and street-level bureaucracy


How much discretion do bureaucrats have when deciding who gets refugee status? Where does the boundary between law and practice lie when it comes to asylum in the European Union? In this book, you will find answers to these questions in an exploration of the decision-making context in which policy implementors conduct their work and turn policies into practice. Drawing from the insights of street-level bureaucracy and role-conflict theory, a better understanding is given of how decisions are made by policy implementers in situations of incomplete information or ambiguous policy vision and guidance.

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Radu-Mihai Triculescu is a postdoctoral research fellow at LMU Munich, where he researches synchronisation and time in policymaking, with a specific focus on asylum policy. He is the author of Dublin is Dead: A study in delegitimation (2022).
Scholars of asylum and refugee policies from various disciplines, such as law, sociology, and public administration; Scholars of EU integration wishing to have a better understanding of the effects of discretionary implementation on common policies; The book is also of interest to practitioners. Those working in the field of asylum and refugee policies will find in this book valuable information about how different jurisdictions interpret concepts central to granting of refugee status.
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