Ocean Yearbook 38


Devoted to assessing the state of ocean and coastal governance, knowledge, and management, the Ocean Yearbook provides information in one convenient resource.

As in previous editions, articles provide multidisciplinary expert perspectives on contemporary issues. Each new volume draws on policy studies, international relations, international and comparative law, management, marine sciences, economics, and social sciences. Each volume contains key recent legal and policy instruments.

The Yearbook is a collaborative initiative of the International Ocean Institute (www.ioinst.org) in Malta and the Marine & Environmental Law Institute (www.dal.ca/law/MELAW) at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

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Edited by Aldo Chircop, Dalhousie University, Scott Coffen-Smout, Dalhousie University, Moira McConnell, Dalhousie University and Sara L. Seck, Dalhousie University
Meinhard Doelle (1964–2022): Remembering Meinhard
Aldo Chircop, Scott Coffen-Smout, Moira McConnell and Sara Seck

The International Ocean Institute
Marine & Environmental Law Institute, Schulich School of Law
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Part 1: Tributes to Meinhard Doelle

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) as the Coordination Mechanism for Caribbean Small Island Developing States Participating in the Global Plastics Treaty Negotiations
Kristal K. Ambrose

Analyzing the Impact of the Climate Emergency on Shipping through Analogical Interpretation of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Lamin Jawara and Tafsir Johansson

Abandoned, Lost and Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear in Eastern Caribbean Small-Scale Fisheries: Barriers, Challenges, and Opportunities for Improved Governance
Tricia A. Lovell and Aspasia Pastra

Reflections on the Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Environmental Impact Assessment
Jenny Pope

Reflections on Coastal State Response Options in an Era of Sea Level Rise: Practical Challenges and Legal Consequences
Clive Schofield, David Freestone and Duygu Çiçek

Part 2: Reflections

A Commentary on the BBNJ Agreement Using the History of the Making of UNCLOS and Its Implementation Agreements
Kristine Elfrida Dalaker

Elisabeth Mann Borgese: Reflections from the Past for the Future of Earth Systems Governance
Tahnee Lisa Prior

A Commentary and Critique on Progress in Ocean and Climate Change Action at Recent COP Meetings
Peter Ricketts and Dotun Olutoke

Part 3: The Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance

Maritime Search and Rescue in the Nationality and Borders Act 2022: an Act of Deterrence?
Ainhoa Campàs Velasco

Murky Waters: Controlling the Ocean Transit of Floating Nuclear Power Plants
Thomas Sullivan

The Lebanon-Israel 2022 Maritime Boundary Agreement
Constantinos Yiallourides and Nicholas A. Ioannides

Part 4: Marine Resource Management and Conservation

Less Specific and More Comprehensive? An Analysis of How the Ocean Is Reflected in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework
Carolina Hazin and Daniela Diz

Conceptualizing Mi’kmaw Aboriginal and Treaty-Based Fisheries: Legal Constructs or Value-Based Way of Life?
Shelley K. Denny and Lucia M. Fanning

Recent Developments in the European Union’s Involvement in Mediterranean Fisheries Management
Gabriela A. Oanta

Part 5: Shipping and Maritime Security

Regulatory Obsolescence in the Technological Age: Analyzing Whether Autonomous Vessels Have Sovereign Immunity at Sea
Benjamin J. Bemelen

Maritime Security and the Wind: Threats and Risks to Offshore Renewable Energy Infrastructure
Christian Bueger and Timothy Edmunds

Submarine Communication Cables and Belligerent Rights in Armed Conflict
Sophie Ryan

Part 6: Book Reviews

Alfonso Ascencio-Herrera and Myron H. Nordquist, eds., The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Part XI Regime and the International Seabed Authority: A Twenty-Five Year Journey
Edwin Egede
Abhinayan Basu Bal, Trisha Rajput, Gabriela Argüello and David Langlet, eds., Regulation of Risk: Transport, Trade and Environment in Perspective
Floris Goerlandt, Ph.D.
David Bosco, The Poseidon Project: The Struggle to Govern the World’s Oceans
Rozemarijn Roland Holst, Ph.D.
Benjamin de Carvalho and Halvard Leira, The Sea and International Relations
Nong Hong, Ph.D.
Robin Churchill, Vaughn Lowe and Amy Sander, The Law of the Sea
Tullio Treves
Wen Duan, The International Legal Regime Relating to Marine Protected Area in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction: Identifying and Addressing Gaps
David Leary
David Freestone, ed., Conserving Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
Vito De Lucia, Ph.D.
Ahmet Gelgeç, Allocation of Liability for Dangerous Goods under International Trade Law: CIF and FOB Contracts
Miriam Goldby, Ph.D.
Marel Katsivela, Navires Autonomes: Enjeux réglementaires et éthiques / Autonomous Vessels: Regulatory and Ethical Issues
Gillian Grant
Natalie Klein, ed., Unconventional Lawmaking in the Law of the Sea
Sara L. Seck, Ph.D.
Seokwoo Lee, ed., Encyclopedia of Ocean Law and Policy in Asia Pacific
Marcus Haward
Alexander Lott, Hybrid Threats and the Law of the Sea: Use of Force and Discriminatory Navigational Restrictions in Straits
Pham Ngoc Minh Trang
Jan McDonald, Jeffrey McGee and Richard Barnes, eds., Research Handbook on Climate Change, Oceans and Coasts
Bleuenn Gaëlle Guilloux, Ph.D.
Samantha Muka, Oceans Under Glass: Tank Craft and the Sciences of the Sea
Eric L. Mills
Myron H. Nordquist and Ronán Long, eds., Marine Biodiversity of Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
Youna LBL Lyons, Ph.D.
Farah Obaidullah, ed., The Ocean and Us
Maxine Westhead
Andreas Østhagen, Ocean Geopolitics: Marine Resources, Maritime Boundary Disputes and the Law of the Sea
Peter Harrison, Ph.D., CM
Alex G. Oude Elferink, Tore Henriksen and Signe Veierud Busch, eds., Maritime Boundary Delimitation: The Case Law—Is it Consistent and Predictable?
David H. Gray, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., C.L.S.
Armando Rocha, Private Actors as Participants in International Law: A Critical Analysis of Membership under the Law of the Sea
Chiara Macchi, Ph.D.
Olav Schram Stokke, Andreas Østhagen and Andreas Raspotnik, eds., Marine Resources, Climate Change and International Management Regimes
Porter Hoagland, Ph.D.
David Symes, Fishing Europe’s Troubled Waters: Fifty Years of Fisheries Policy
Daniel Owen and Robin Churchill
Stefan Talmon, The South China Sea Arbitration: Jurisdiction, Admissibility, Procedure
Camille Goodman, Ph.D.


Annual Report of the International Ocean Institute

Report of the International Ocean Institute, 2022
Mahindokht Faghfouri

Selected Documents and Proceedings

Oceans and the Law of the Sea Report of the Secretary-General, 14 March 2023

Oceans and the Law of the Sea Report of the Secretary-General, 1 September 2023

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Report of the Thirty-Third Meeting of States Parties, 12–16 June 2023

Report on the Work of the United Nations Open-Ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea at Its Twenty-Third Meeting, 5–9 June 2023

Ocean and Climate Change Dialogue 2023: Informal Summary Report by the Co-facilitators of the Ocean and Climate Change Dialogue 2023–2024, 15 September 2023

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Implications for Human Rights of the Environmentally Sound Management and Disposal of Hazardous Substances and Wastes, Marcos Orellana, on His Visit to the International Maritime Organization, 14 July 2023

All those interested in ocean and coastal governance.
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