The Absence of God

Exploring the Christian Tradition in a Situation of Mourning


This volume deals with the meaning of the Christian tradition to individuals, particularly in a situation of mourning.
The author formulates the relation of the tradition with the individual as a communicative (interpersonal and intrapersonal) conception of tradition. The meaning of the tradition is described in terms of a hermeneutic-narrative interpretation of classical texts. A practicum is presented as a form of guidance in mourning. The empirical exploration shows that the theme of the absence of God (presented in texts of the Psalms) has an important meaning. These texts give believers in grief the opportunity to cope with their loss.

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Piet P. Zuidgeest, Ph.D. in Theology, University of Nijmegen, is pastor and senior supervisor of the Clinical Pastoral Education in the Netherlands. He has published on pastoral supervision and religious symbols in pastoral care.
All those interested in the functioning of religious texts in everyday-life; individuals, as well as theologians, students, and social workers supporting people coping with grief.
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