Individuum, Society, Humankind

The Triadic Logic of the Species according to Hajime Tanabe


In this collection on the Kyoto School of Philosophy, the author offers the reader Tanabe’s religious philosophy, but also, and for the first time, his philosophy of nature and ontology. It is not only on individuum, society, and humankind, but also on the logical structure of Tanabe’s thinking, and aspects such as nature, beauty, matter, contemplation, practice, politics, religion, science, history, eternity, etcetera.
A highly original work, the more as the reader becomes acquainted with Ozaki’s own creative synthetic view of the main problems of Christian-Buddhist theological, resp. philosophical encounter.

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Makoto Ozaki , Ph.D. (1990) in Philosophy, University of Leiden, is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Sanyo Gakuen University, Japan. He has published extensively on Tanabe’s philosophy both in English and Japanese, including The Introduction to the Philosophy of Tanabe (Rodopi/Eerdmans, 1990).
All those interested in philosophy, intellectual history, Western theology, comparative philosophy, comparative religion, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, Whitehead, Neo-platonism, as well as the Kyoto School and Japanese philosophy.
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