The Courtyards of the House of the Lord

Studies on the Temple Scroll


Already before its publication, it was clear that the Temple Scroll represented a major contribution to the history of Jewish law in Late Antiquity. The present volume brings together the author’s studies on this important scroll. He has sought to uncover the hermeneutics of the Zadokite/Sadducean legal system and to compare and contrast it with other texts of its own type as well as with those in rabbinic literature preserving the Pharisaic-rabbinic approach.

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Lawrence H. Schiffman is the Ethel and Irvin A.Edelman Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies and Chair of the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University. He is a member of the International team of editors of the series Discoveries in the Judaean Desert.
I The Temple Scroll
1. The Law of the Temple Scroll and its Provenance
2. The Theology of the Temple Scroll
3. The Temple Scroll and the Nature of its Law: The Status of the Question
4. ‘Ir Ha-Miqdash and its Meaning in the Temple Scroll and Other Qumran Texts
5. The Architectural Vocabulary of the Copper Scroll and the Temple Scroll
II.The Temple Scroll and other Jewish Writings
6. The Septuagint and the Temple Scroll: Shared “Halakhic” Variants
7.The Sacrificial System of the Temple Scrolland the Book of Jubilees
8. Miqṣat Maʿaśe Ha-Torah and the Temple Scroll
9. The Relationship of the Zadokite Fragments to the Temple Scroll
10. The Temple Scroll and the Halakhic Pseudepigrapha of the Second Temple Period
11. Descriptions of the Jerusalem Temple in Josephus and the Temple Scroll
12. Chapter Twelve The Prohibition of Judicial Corruption in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Philo, Josephus and Talmudic Law
III. The Temple
13. Architecture and Law: The Temple and its Courtyards in the Temple Scroll
14. The Construction of the Temple according to the Temple Scroll
15. The Furnishings of the Temple according to the Temple Scroll
16. The House of the Laver in the Temple Scroll
17. Sacred Space: The Land of Israel in the Temple Scroll
IV. Sacrifices
18. Sacral and Non-Sacral Slaughter According to the Temple Scroll
19. The Milluim Ceremony in the Temple Scroll
20. The Case of the Day of Atonement Ritual in the Temple Scroll
21. Some Laws Pertaining to Animals in Temple Scroll, Column 52
22. ʿÔlâ and ḥaṭṭāt in the Temple Scroll
23. Shelamim Sacrifices in the Temple Scroll
V. Purity Regulations
24. Exclusion from the Sanctuary and the City of the Sanctuary in the Temple Scroll
25. The Impurity of the Dead in the Temple Scroll
26. Pharisaic and Sadducean Halakhah in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Case of Ṭevul Yom
VI. Other Halakhot
27. The Deuteronomic Paraphrase of the Temple Scroll
28. Laws concerning Idolatry in the Temple Scroll
29. The King, his Guard, and the Royal Council in the Temple Scroll
30. Laws of War in the Temple Scroll
31. Laws Pertaining to Women in the Temple Scroll
32. Priestly and Levitical Gifts in the Temple Scroll
33. The Law of Vows and Oaths (Num 30,3–16) in the Zadokite Fragments and the Temple Scroll
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