Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 12


The purpose of this book is to provide an outlet for original research articles examining the role and value of religious and spiritual constructs across the social sciences. The aim of the series is to include an international and interfaith voice to this research dialogue. An effort is made to be interdisciplinary and academically eclectic.

The articles in the current volume represent a wide array of perspectives and research projects. Most of the articles report the findings of quantitative or qualitative investigations, but some deal with methodology, theory, or applications of social science studies in the field of religion, and some are applied, demonstrating the relevance of the social sciences to religious organizations and their clergy.

The value of the volume is that it gives to researchers in this area a broad perspective on the issues and methods of religious research across a spectrum of academic disciplines. The aim of the book is to stimulate a creative, integrative dialogue that will enhance interdisciplinary research.

Biographical Note

David O. Moberg is Sociology Professor Emeritus at Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA. He has been the co-editor of RSSR since its start in 1986. Ralph L. Piedmont is Psychologist at the Department of Pastoral Counseling, Loyola College, Columbia USA. His publications include The Revised NEO Personality Inventory: Clinical and Research Applications (Plenum Press 1998).


Researchers, scholars, teachers, religious leaders, and graduate and professional students in the social and behavioral sciences, religion, and theology who include attention to the scientific investigation of religion and spirituality.

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