The Concept of Time in The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls


Author: Gershon Brin
The book is concerned with the concept of time in the Bible and in later literature, primarily that of the Judaean Desert sect. By the term “concept of time” the author refers to the entire complex of issues relating to time, as follows from our involvement in the writings of the corpus.
The work discusses issues of terminology, substance and ideology that arise from the totality of texts dealing with the subject of time.
The conjoining of the eight groups of chapters of the book provides a comprehensive picture of the approach to time in ancient Hebrew literature, beginning with the Bible and concluding with the first century CE, the latest possible time frame for the Scrolls.

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Gershon Brin, Ph.D. (1972), Tel Aviv University, is Professor of Biblical Studies at Tel Aviv University. Among his publications are: Studies In Biblical Law: From the Hebrew Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls, JSOTSup, (Sheffield 1994); “Reading in 4Q524 fr. 15-22 – DJD XXV”, in: Revue de Qumran 74 (1999), and “The Relation between 4Q424 and the Book of Ben Sira,” in: Fifty Years of Dead Sea Scrolls Research (ed. G. Brin and B. Nitzan; Yad Ben Zvi Publishing House, 2001).
The book’s 28 chapters are divided into two major parts:
1) Time in the Bible; and
2) Time in the Dead Sea Scrolls,
divided into eight sections.
I. Terms for Time in the Bible
II. Formulae of Time in the Bible
III. Units of Time in the Bible
IV. Direction of Time in the Bible
V. Concepts of Time and Life Duration in the Bible
VI. Concepts of Time in the Scrolls
VII. ??? and Its Variants in the Scrolls
VIII. Duration of Time and Life Span in the Approach of the Scrolls
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