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' As a reference work, this volume is incomparable...not only are all the poets of any significance cited, but the author includes, as in other recent publications of his, some useful tables which list the 'Eight anthologies' and 'Ten songs', with data such as author(s) and commentators...thoroughly to be recommended.' J.R. Marr, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 1976. ' ...a major advance in the scholarly treatment of Tamil literature...the most detailed, the most learned, and the most judicious survey of the subject currently available.' Glenn, Yocun, Whittier College. ' ...detailed, complete, and reasonably non-controversial... a major reference work for Indian literature and Tamil studies that is certain to remain a standard for many years.' David W. McAlpin, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1977. ' ...a book that ought to find its way into many institutional libraries.' Gregory L. Possehl, Journal of Asian Studies, 1978.

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