Essays on Ancient Egypt in Honour of Herman te Velde


Editor: J. van Dijk
In the autumn of 1997, following his sixty-fifth birthday Prof. Dr Herman te Velde retired from the chair of Egyptology at the University of Groningen. On this occasion he was presented with a volume of Egyptological studies in his honour to which colleagues and friends from all over the world contributed. Although the emphasis is on the relition of Ancient Egypt, the book covers a wide range of subjects including history and archaeology, philology and linguistics.


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Table of contents

J. Assmann - Ein Wiener Kanopentext und die Stundenwache in der Balsamierungshalle; J. Baines, R.B. Parkinson - An Old Kingdom Record of an Oracle? Sinai Inscription 13; R.S. Bianci - Raneferef's Carnelian; J. van Dijk - The Noble Lady of Mitanni and Other Royal Favorites of the Eighteenth Dynasty; A. Egberts - The Chronology of the Horus Myth of Edfu; T.H.M. Falke - Radiology of Ancient Egyptian Mummiefied Animals; R.A. Fazzini - Some Fragmentary Images; O. Goldwasser - 'Itn - "the Golden Egg" (CT IV 292b-c [B9Ca]); J.-C. Goyon - R130pandre l'or et 130parpiller la verdure. Les f136tes de Mout et d'Hathor 133 la n130om138nie d'Epiphi et les pr130mices des moissons; W. Guglielmi, K. Buroh - Die Eingangsspr129che des t132glichen Tempelrituals nach Papyrus Berlin 3055 (I, 1-VI, 3); W.M. van Haarlem - Coffins and Naoi as Votive Objects in Tell Ibrahim Awad; J. Harvey - Some Remarks on the Wooden Statues from Nezlet Batran; M. Heerma van Voss - Ein Spruch aus dem Papyrus Greenfield; W. Hovestreydt - Secret Doors and Hidden Treasure: Some Aspects of Egyptian Temple Treasuries from the New Kingdom; R. Jasnow - A Demotic Omen Text? (P. BM 10238); L. KAkosy - The Ptah-Shu-Tefnut Triad and the Gods of the Winds on a Ptolemaic Sarcophagus; O.E. Kaper - The STatue of Penbast. On the Cult of Seth in the Dakhleh Oasis; H. De Meulenaere - Le papyrus oraculaire de Brooklyn, trente ans apr138s; W.J. Murnane - "Overseer of the Northern Foreign Countries": Reflections on the Upper Administration of Egypt's Empire in Western Asia; K. Myśliwiec - Ermouthis 133 Athribis; W.H. Peck - An Image of Nebwenenef, High Priest of Amun; M.J. Raven - Charms for Protection during the Epagomenal Days; H.D. Schneider - Ptah in Wings; L. Troy - Mut Enthroned; R. van Walsum - The Struggle Against Chaos as a "Strange Attractor" in Ancient Egyptian Culture. A Descriptive Model for the "Chaotic" Development of Cultural Systems; H.O. Willems - The Embalmer Embalmed. Remarks on the Meaning of the Decoration of Some Middle Kingdom Coffins; A. Zivie - Seth, 130chanson royal, et sa tombe de Saqqara; L. Zonhoven - Studies on the sdm.t=f Verb Form in Classical Egyptian, III: The active n sdm.t=f construction