Mediaeval Commentaries on the Sentences of Peter Lombard

Volume 2


Volume Editor: Philipp Rosemann
Continuing a project begun in 2002, with the publication of volume 1 of Mediaeval Commentaries on the “Sentences” of Peter Lombard, this volume fills some major lacunae in current research on the standard textbook of medieval theology. Twelve chapters study the tradition of the Sentences, from the first glosses of the twelfth century through Martin Luther’s marginal notes. The questions addressed in these chapters throw light on the history of the Sentences literature as a whole, focusing on changes in literary structure and methodology as much as on matters of textual transmission and doctrinal content. The conclusion synthesizes the individual contributions, succinctly presenting the current state of our knowledge of the main structures that characterize the tradition of the Sentences.
Contributors: Magdalena Bieniak, John F. Boyle, Stephen F. Brown, Marcia L. Colish, William O. Duba, Michael Dunne, Russell L. Friedman, Olli Hallamaa, Pekka Kärkkäinen, Hans Kraml, Gerhard Leibold, Riccardo Quinto, Philipp W. Rosemann, Chris Schabel, and Hubert Philipp Weber.

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Philipp W. Rosemann, Ph.D. (1995) in Philosophy, Université catholique de Louvain, is Professor of Philosophy and Director of Medieval Studies at the University of Dallas. On the Sentences, he has published Peter Lombard (Oxford, 2004) as well as The Story of a Great Medieval Book (Toronto, 2007). He is editor of the “Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations” series.
Abbreviations ... vii
Preface ... ix
Philipp W. Rosemann
The Pseudo-Peter of Poitiers Gloss ... 1
Marcia L. Colish
Stephen Langton … 35
Riccardo Quinto
The Glossa in IV libros Sententiarum by Alexander of Hales ... 79
Hubert Philipp Weber
The Sentences Commentary of Hugh of St.-Cher ... 111
Magdalena Bieniak
Thomas Aquinas and his Lectura romana in primum
Sententiarum Petri Lombardi ... 149
John F. Boyle
Robert Kilwardby’s Commentary on the Sentences of
Peter Lombard ... 175
Gerhard Leibold
William de la Mare ... 227
Hans Kraml
Henry of Harclay and Aufredo Gonteri Brito ... 263
William O. Duba, Russell L. Friedman, and Chris Schabel
On the Limits of the Genre: Roger Roseth as a Reader of the
Sentences … 369
Olli Hallamaa
Richard FitzRalph’s Lectura on the Sentences ... 405
Michael Dunne
Peter of Candia’s Commentary on the Sentences of
Peter Lombard ... 439
Stephen F. Brown
Martin Luther ... 471
Pekka Kärkkäinen
Conclusion: Th e Tradition of the Sentences ... 495
Philipp W. Rosemann
Bibliography ... 525
Index of Manuscripts ... 537
All those interested in the intellectual history of the Middle Ages, medieval theology and philosophy, and the mechanics of textual transmission.