Faith at the Crossroads

A Theological Profile of Religious Zionism


Religious Zionism emerged as an organized political movement in 1902, rebelling against the ethos of passivity endorsed by a mostly anti-Zionist Eastern European Orthodoxy. The book presents religious-Zionists as a new religious type, driven by distinct theological conceptions that reexamine fundamental notions, including God, faith, and historical process. Schwartz’s detailed analysis exposes the roots of a political movement that has proven crucially influential in Israeli politics, both before and after the establishment of the state.

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Dov Schwartz, Ph.D. (1990), Bar-Ilan University, is Professor of Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University. He has published extensively on medieval and modern Jewish philosophy, including Challenge and Crisis in Rabbi Kook’s Circle, (Am-Oved, 2000) and Astral Magic in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (1999, BIU Press).
All those interested in modern Jewish history, contemporary Jewish philosophy, Jewish political science, Jewish theology, social sciences.