Shem in the Tents of Japhet

Essays on the Encounter of Judaism and Hellenism


编者: James L. Kugel
These essays, by some of today’s greatest scholars of Judaism and Hellenism in antiquity, explore a variety of ways in which these two great civilizations interacted. The common focus of these studies is the transition from one culture to the next – how words or concepts or conventions from the one came to be transplanted, and often modified in the process, in the other. Taken together, however, they provide something broader: a large, variegated picture of the cultural interaction that was to prove so crucial for the later history of Judaism and Christianity.

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James L. Kugel is Harry Starr Professor of Classical and Modern Jewish and Hebrew Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard University. Among his publications are: In Potiphar’s House (Harvard University Press, 1994), The Bible as It Was (Harvard University Press, 1997), The Idea of Biblical Poetry (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998) and Great Poems of the Bible (Free Press, 1999).