From Crisis to Renewal

Development Policy and Management in Africa


This volume deals with crisis and renewal in African development policy and management. It digs deep into, takes stock of, and thoroughly analyzes the nature, impact, and future of development policy and management on the continent.
It demonstrates the failure of post-independence policy and management in most of Africa, traces the emergence and results of reform measures, and advocates the lessons of success for the rest of Africa derived from Botswana’s approach to sustainable development and its achievement of economic prosperity and the maintenance of political stability and good governance.
It concludes, rather optimistically, that the prospects for sustainable development are much better now than they have ever been before with the 21st century likely to be hailed as ‘The African Century’ – bringing with it a durable peace and sustainable growth.

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Kempe Ronald Hope, Sr. , Ph.D. (1978) in Economics and Public Policy, Syracuse University, is the Senior Policy Advisor in the Cabinet Office of the Executive Secretary at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. The views he expresses in this volume are private. He is the author, editor, or principal co-editor of several books on Africa including Corruption and Development in Africa (Palgrave, 1999).
All those interested in the evolution of, implementation, and impact African development policy and management including policy-makers, researchers, students, and teachers.
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