Saints and Role Models in Judaism and Christianity


This volume deals with the role of saints and exemplary individuals in Judaism and Christianity. Although sharing the Hebrew Bible and recognizing the same Biblical figures there, both religions have developed widely divergent perspectives upon the significance of these figures, although there are occasional common motifs and themes.
Moreover, even the contrasting themes betray an underlying interaction between both religions as is clear from the contributions on, for example, Melchizedek, Elijah, the Desert Fathers, Rabbis on clothing, the Apostle Peter in Jewish tradition, the Maccabees in Christian tradition and the Biblical examples in Saint Antony the Hermit.
The book examines Jewish and Christian perspectives upon saints and role models from the Biblical period to the present time. It will be of special importance to scholars and general readers interested in an interdisciplinary approach to theology, rabbinics, history, art history and much more.


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Biographical Note

Marcel J.H.M. Poorthuis, Ph.D. (1992) in Theology, Catholic Theological University of Utrecht, is lecturer in Rabbinics and Jewish Christian relations. He has published on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, on Jewish history and on the interaction between Church Fathers and Rabbinics. Joshua Schwartz, Ph.D. (1981), Jewish History, Hebrew University, is Dean, Faculty of Jewish Studies and Director, Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies, Bar-Ilan. He has published extensively on the historical geography of ancient Israel and Jerusalem.

Table of contents

List of Illustrations List of E-mail Addresses Contributors Editorial Statement Introduction, Joshua Schwartz and Marcel Poorthuis Introduction Hermeneutics of imitation; a philosophical approach to sainthood and exemplariness, Joachim Duyndam Biblical Period Divine versus Human Leadership; An Examination of Joshua’s Succession, Elie Assis Rabbinic / Patristic Period Holy Men and Rabbis in Talmudic Antiquity, David Levine Rabbinic Holy Men, Chana Safrai and Zeev Safrai Prayers of Jews to Angels and Other Mediators in the First Centuries CE, Meir Bar-Ilan Enoch and Melchizedek in Judaism and Christianity: A Study in Intermediaries, Marcel Poorthuis Material Culture in the Land of Israel: Monks and Rabbis on Clothing and Dress in the Byzantine Period, Joshua Schwartz Partnership Between Heaven and Earth: The Sage as Religious Role Model in Canticles Rabbah, Birke Rapp de Lange Jewish and Christian Martyrs, Jan Willem van Henten The Cult of the Seven Maccabean Brothers and Their Mother in Christian Tradition, Gerard Rouwhorst Individuality, Exemplarity and Community: Athanasius’ Use of Two Biblical Characters in the Life of Antony, Nienke Vos Job the rebel: from the rabbi’s to the church fathers, Martien Parmentier Pious Intrepidness: Egeria and the Ascetic Ideal, Hanneke Reuling The Byzantine Holy Person: The Case of Barsanuphius and John of Gaza, Aryeh Kofsky Middle Ages ‘The Rock on which the Church is Founded’: Simon Peter in Jewish Folktale, Wout van Bekkum Holiness as Gift and as Achievement in Late Medieval Funeral Sermons: The Role of the Deceased and the Religious Life of the Mourning Believer in Gabriel Biel’s sermones in exequiis, Paul van Geest Wandering between Transubstantiation and Transfiguration; Images of the Prophet Elijah in Western Christianity, 1200 - 1500 CE, Charles Caspers Modern Period “A Woman’s Voice is ‘Erva’”: The Female’s Voice and Silence - between the Talmudic Sages and Psychoanalysis, Admiel Kosman and Ruth Golan New Models of the Sacred Leader at the Beginning of Hasidism, Ron Margolin The Modern Saint: An Exploration of Sacral Interferences, Paul Post Miraculous Women; Miracles, Religious Authority and Gender, Anne-Marie Korte A holy father on the see of Moses?, Anton Houtepen Index of Ancient Sources Index of Names and Subjects


All those interested in theology, Judaism, history of art and legend and post-modern religiosity.