Rachels Klage im antiken Judentum und frühen Christentum

Eine auslegungsgeschichtliche Studie


Study of the exegesis of the Old Testament tradition on the matriarch Rachel. The centre of the study is Rachel’s complaint in Jeremiah 31.15-17. After an analysis of the Old Testament texts, the reception of these traditions in ancient translations in the Pseudepigrapha, in Philo of Alexandria, in Flavius Josephus as well as in the New Testament is investigated. The main part of the study is represented by source material in the Rabbinic literature. The study is concluded by an overview of the interpretation of the Rachel figure in patristic literature. The sources containing the Rachel traditions are, in part, hard to access. The source material on Rachel is presented and analyzed, in order to make the plethora of interpretations accessible to a wider audience, especially the Rabbinic interpretations.

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Christine Ritter was born in 1969 in Karlsruhe. She took her degree of evangelical Theology and Judaistik in Heidelberg and Jerusalem. She carried out research while at the University of Basel and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and received her Doctorate in 2000 from the University of Basel. Currently she is training to become a vicar at the Badische Landeskirche.
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