Theory and Practice in Late Antique Archaeology


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Can ideas and approaches current in mainstream archaeology be made to work in the conservative world of classical archaeology? This volume seeks to explore theoretical frameworks, methodology and field practice suited to the late antique Mediterranean. Broad themes such as long-term change, topography, the economy and social life are covered, but in terms of specific issues and evidential problems currently being tackled by scholars of late antiquity. This book will be useful to students and researchers seeking to enrich their approaches to Mediterranean historical archaeology and to anyone wishing to possess an overview of the current state of late antique archaeology.

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Luke A. Lavan, Ph.D. (2001) in Archaeology, University of Nottingham is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara.

William Bowden, Ph.D. (2000) in Archaeology, University of East Anglia, is Packard Research Fellow in the School of World Art Studies at the University of East Anglia and a co-director of excavations at Butrint, Albania.
Late Antique Archaeology: An Introduction Like Lavan

Part One: Ideologies and Agendas
Ideologies and Agendas in Late Antique Studies Averill Cameron

Part Two: Social Life
Archaeology and Late Antique Social Structures Jean-Pierre Sodini
The Construction of Identities in Post-Roman Albania William Bowden
Some Aspects of the Transformation of the Roman Domus between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages Barbara Reece

Part Three: The Economy
Late Antique Trade: Research Methodologies& Field Practices Sean A. Kingsley
Coins and the Late Roman Economy Richard Reece

Part Four: Topography
Late Antique Urban Topography: From Architecture to Human Space Luke Lavan
The Urban Ideal and Urban Planning in Byzantine New Cities of the Sixth Century A.D. Enrico Zanini
Christian Topography in the Late Antique Town: Recent Results and Open Questions Gisella Cantino Wataghin
Topographies of Production in North African Cities during the Vandal and Byzantine Periods Anna Leone
Archaeological Survey and Visualisation: The View from Byzantium Richard Bayliss
The Political Topography of the Late Antique City: Activity Spaces in Practice Luke Lavan

Part Five: Spolia
Attitudes to Spolia in some Late Antique Texts Robert Coates-Stephens
Valenza Del Reimpiego: II Caso di Efeso Ida Leggio

Part Six: Decline and Fall? Studying Long-Term Change
Studying Long-term Change in the West, A.D. 400-800 Chris Wickham
Decline and Fall? Studying Long-Term Change in the East Mark Whittow

This book should attract scholars and students interested in the history of late antiquity, early medieval Europe and Byzantium, the Roman empire, classical and Mediterranean archaeology as well as those interested in theoretical archaeology.
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