Ancient West & East

Volume 1, No. 1


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Gocha R. Tsetskhladze works in the University of Melbourne. He has excavated for many years in the eastern and northern Pontus, has organised several international conferences, and has published extensively on the archaeology of Greek colonisation and on the Black Sea region, including Ancient Greeks West and East (Leiden, 1999), Die Griechen in der Kolchis (Amsterdam, 1998), and Pichvnari and its Environs (Paris, 1999). He recently co-edited North Pontic Archaeology. Recent Discoveries and Studies (Leiden, 2001).
'This new journal from Brill makes many important promises to all scholars interested in the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and the Near East and the interactions between them. … By opening a regular avenue for cooperation and conversation among scholars from many disciplines and countries, AWE has a real potential for fulfilling the promises it makes.
BMCR, 2003.
Volume I, No 1

J. Boardman, Archaeology Beyond the Classical World
F. Millar,/b>, Classical West and Ancient East: Problems of Method and Approach
D. Ridgway, Ancient Greeks (and Others) West and East
A.M. Snodgrass, The History of a False Analogy
T.J. Figueira, Typology in Archaic Greek Maritime Trading States
R. Olmos, From the Iberian Far West
V. Karageorghis, Some Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of Cypriot Studies
J. Hind, The Pontic Region: The Northern Segment of the Ancient East
A. Sagona, Archaeology at the Headwaters of the Aras
C. Burney, Urartu and its Forerunners: Eastern Anatolia and Trans-Caucasia in the Second and Early First Millennia BC
S.M. Burstein, Aithiopia: the Southern Periphery of the Graeco-Roman World
A.D.H. Bivar, Beyond the Tigris

F.C. Woudhuizen, The Luwian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of the Emirgazi Stone Altars
A.J. Graham, Thasos and the Bosporan Kingdom
Y. Ustinova, Lycanthropy in Sarmatian Warrior Societies: The Kobyakovo Torque
D.T. Potts, Some Problems in the Historical Geography of Nakhchivan
R. Alston, Reading Augustan Alexandria

P. Alexandrescu, L’art des Gètes et des Triballes
S.M. Burstein, The Date of Amage, Queen of the Sarmatians: A Note on Polyaenus, Strategemata 8. 56
C. Brandon and G.R. Tsetskhladze, Notes on the Survey of the Submerged Remains of Phanagoria in the Taman Peninsula, 1998

G.R. Tsetskhladze, West and East: A Review Article (1)
J. Boardman: M. Rousseva, Thracian Cult Architecture in Bulgaria
J. Boardman: M. Alexandrescu Vianu, Les statues et les reliefs en pierre
J. Boardman: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Russia, Vols. 1–5
R. Alston: G.K. Young, Rome’s Eastern Trade
S.L. Solovyov: Arkheologicheskii Sbornik Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha
J. Boardman: J. Wiesehöfer, Ancient Persia from 550 BC to 650 AD
J. Davis-Kimball: G. Hermann, Monuments of Merv
H.-C. Meyer: Oro. Il mistero dei Sarmati e degli Sciti
J. Davis-Kimball: W. Swietoslawski, Arms and Armour of the Nomads
M.Y. Treister: V. Mordvinceva, Sarmatische Phaleren
A. Moreno: G.M. Nikolaenko, Khora Khersonesa Tavricheskogo
P. Dolukhanov: Ö. Bilgi, Metallurgists of the Central Black Sea Region
G.R. Tsetskhladze: A. Çilingiro[lu and M. Salvini (eds.), Ayanis I
Classical and Ancient Near Eastern archaeologists and historians.
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