The Cypro-Phoenician Pottery of the Iron Age


For almost a century scholars have been perplexed by Cypro-Phoenician (or Black-on-Red) pottery. In this major study, Dr. Schreiber’s research, coupled with her own work in the field, resolves the pottery’s origin and provides a fresh assessment of the chronology of the region. Transporting perfumed oil around the Mediterranean and Near East, the pottery offers valuable clues to Iron Age trade - shipping, cargoes, and trading entrepots. Dr Schreiber investigates the sources of perfumed oil and the relative roles of Cyprus and Phoenicia in trade to the Aegean islands. The book provides archaeologists and historians with a work of key significance in unravelling the human narrative of the early centuries of the 1st millennium BC.


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Biographical Note

Nicola Schreiber, Ph.D. (2000) in Archaeology, University of Oxford, has excavated in the Near East and Mediterranean and published and lectured on Black-on-Red pottery in the UK and United States. She is currently based at the Museum of London.


All interested in Biblical history, the archaeology and chronology of the Iron Age Near East and Mediterranean, ancient trade and perfumed oil from the Late Bronze Age to Classical period.