The Auchenorrhyncha of Central Europe. Die Zikaden Mitteleuropas, Volume 1: Fulgoromorpha, Cicadomorpha excl. Cicadellidae


This first volume in the bi-lingual handbook The Auchenorrhyncha of Central Europe / Die Zikaden Mitteleuropas (to be published in 3 volumes) is an essential and highly valuable addition to the literature available in this field since the last keys published date from 1935 (Haupt) and 1896 (Melichar) respectively.
These insects are a very important group: in grassland ecosystems they are one of the most abundant and diverse groups. They are collected in enormous numbers in every entomo-ecological project and are also important from a phytopathological point of view, since many species are virus vectors and/or damage crops as well as various herbs and ornamental trees and shrubs.
Simple keys allow an easy identification to the 250 species treated from Central Europe, Northern Europe and the UK. More than 250 drawings as well as 250 distribution maps are included. Almost all species are figured in (700) colour photographs. In addition, information on taxonomy, host plants, habitats, phenology, distribution and economic importance are given.
Planthoppers and leafhoppers are among the most abundant and diverse taxa in terrestrial ecosystems. Therefore, this first volume of the handbook will be a very important reference tool, not only for entomologists but for everyone working in the fields of ecology, applied zoology and nature conservation.

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"This book is obviously an important volume on European Auchenorrhyncha and is likely to set the standard for many years to come." – John Badmin, The Transactions of the Kent Field Club, 2005
"...In spite of the fact that the authors are young, they are the top specialists on Auchenorrhyncha and have produced an excellent piece of work. It is well documented by their original and novel taxonomic results: one new genus is erected, seven new combinations are made within genera and ten new synonyms recognised. [...] Because of the modern arrangement, thoroughness and comprehensible nature of this work, plus the plentiful illustrations, it can be recommended as an excellent guide to Central European Auchenorrhyncha. I look forward to the next two volumes..." – P. Lauterer, in: Eur. J. Entomol., 2003
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