Before and After Avicenna

Proceedings of the First Conference of the Avicenna Study Group


This volume contains the proceedings of the first meeting of the Avicenna Study Group. Each of the papers presents the most recent research conclusions in its respective topic.
These conclusions include new insights into Avicenna's revision of Aristotle and Plotinus, specific areas of his theories of psychology and metaphysics, his intellectual interaction with the theologians of his period, the historical and social context in which Avicenna worked, the reception of his thought among Syriac-writing authors, among later Ishraqi philosophers, and in Shi'ite peripatetic philosophy. These insights range from new interpretations of his extant corpus, to compelling theories on the factors contributing to his philosophical innovations. In many cases, these papers present hitherto unexamined textual evidence that will contribute greatly to a new methodology in Avicenna studies, and Arabic-Islamic philosophy in general.

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David C. Reisman, Ph.D. (2001) in Arabic-Islamic Studies, Yale University, is Assistant Professor of Arabic-Islamic Thought at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is the author of The Making of the Avicennan Tradition (Brill, 2002).
Scholars of Avicenna, medieval Arabic-Islamic philosophy, medieval intellectual history, Classicists interested in medieval innovations in Greek philosophy and science.
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