Book III of the Sibylline Oracles and its Social Setting

With an Introduction, Translation, and Commentary


This volume contains a thorough study of the third book of the Sibylline Oracles. This Jewish work was written in the Roman province of Asia sometime between 80 and 40 BCE. It offers insights into the political views of the author and his perception of the relation between Jews and non-Jews, especially in the field of religion and ethics. The present study consists of three parts: 1. introductory questions; 2. a literary analysis of the book, translation, and commentary; 3. the social setting of the book. It aims to further the scholarly use of the third Sibylline book and to improve our knowledge of early Judaism in its Graeco-Roman environment.

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Rieuwerd Buitenwerf obtained his doctorate at Leiden University with the present volume as his thesis. He is currently working as a New Testament scholar at the Translation Department of the Netherlands Bible Society.
With this exceptional dissertation, Rieuwerd Buitenwerf obtained one of the 2003 Research Prizes from the Erasmus Prize Foundation.
All those interested in Early Judaism, Early Christianity, and Ancient History.