Byzantine Authors: Literary Activities and Preoccupations

Texts and Translations dedicated to the Memory of Nicolas Oikonomides


Editor: John W. Nesbitt
In honouring the memory of Nicolas Oikonomides the contributors offer a group of Greek texts and translations which reflect the wide interests of Byzantine authors and the varied genres to which they devoted their talents. Within its pages one finds an ekphrasis of Christopher of Mitylene, military speeches of Constantine VII, letters of Michael Psellos, an historical narrative regarding Empress Helena and the Finding of the Cross, two teaching texts, and a lengthy instructional manual, accompanied by a reprint of the original Brill Greek text, on withstanding a siege.


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Biographical Note

John W. Nesbitt, Ph.D. (1972) in Byzantine History, is Research Associate, Byzantine Sigillography, at Dumbarton Oaks. In addition to four volumes of seals catalogues which he co-edited with Nicolas Oikonomides, he is the co-author of The Miracles of St. Artemios (Brill, 1997).

Table of contents

1. Cosmological Confectionary and Equal opportunity in the Eleventh Century. An Ekphrasis by Christopher of Mitylene (Poem 42).. 1 Paul Magdalino 2. Two Teaching Texts from the Twelfth-Century Orphanotropheion.. 9 Timothy S. Miller 3. Alexander the Monk’s Text of Helena’s Discovery of the Cross (BHG 410).. 23 John W. Nesbitt 4. Elias the Monk. Friend of Psellos.. 43 George T. Dennis 5. Five Miracles of St. Menas.. 65 John Duffy/Emmanuel Bourbouhakis 6. Elias of Heliopolis. The Life of an Eighth-Century Syrian Christian Saint.. 85 Stamatina McGrath 7. Two Military Orations of Constantine VII... 111 Eric McGeer 8. A Byzantine Instructional Manual on Siege Defense: The De Obsidione toleranda. Introduction, English Translation and Annotations.. 139 Denis Sullivan Bibliography.. 267 Index .


All those engaged in the study of Byzantine cultural, social and military history, literature, education, piety and religious thought.